Upcoming Events

Planet Anime KC: Oct. 21-22

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Oct. 26-29

We began selling our items at conventions and small pop-up events in 2016 selling both original and fan art. Since then we have attended 3-5 conventions per year including:

Anime Expo, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Supercon, Anime Iwai, Otakufest, Ancient City Con, Anime Festival Orlando, Paradise City Comic Con, Naka Kon, and more!

Our displays are subject to alteration depending on the space limitations or special instructions from a venue. Please see the images below for up to date depictions of the display.

The current iteration consists of grid cubes and wooden risers. Larger spaces may have tension fabric displays as well.

Table decorations such as wooden risers, plastic baskets, signage, etc. may also be present.

Ring lights may be used to illuminate the display in an unobtrusive way depending on available lighting.  

The use of a backdrop fixture to display 2D objects may be present if space allows.

When attending conventions, the following items are made available:

Prints, art books, stationery items, enamel pins, and various apparel items. You can find collection links to some of our most popular item categories below. We encourage you to review our shop pages to see our entire product line up.

We will adjust our inventory as necessary to align with event requirements.

Our body of work contains roughly 70:30 original:fan works

Enamel Pins
Art Prints