About Us

Meet our Pals!

猫运啊 (MaoYunNa)

This creative cat is always getting into something! Gallivanting from place to place she has a habit of getting lost in her adventures, but she always makes time to spend time with friends!

兔雨 (TuYu)

This busy bunny is hoping behind the scenes! She's always looking for an adventure, and is the rabbit in charge of keeping MaoYunNa on track.

 狐颜 (HuYan)

This fox loves to style her friends, but can never decide what style to go with for herself. Luckily she doesn't have to with her special ability to change the colour of her coat!

龙熠 (LongYi)

This sweet dragon loves to dance, and dreams of shining on stage one day. For now, he sings in the shower, often losing track of time causing extra rain by accident

 虎勇 (HuYong)

This tiger loves to tinker, and can often be found making small gifts for friends. Always up for a challenge, he loves to try new things, but sometimes gets in over his head!